Autumn Dawn Inspired

Kitchen Dreams


Designing a dream kitchen is possible without tearing the entire space to the studs. The last few months  I have been designing a few renovations one being this great kitchen. Work Flow When looking at kitchen renovation one of the first things I look at is the work flow.How does the space work for the […]

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Propel your Destiny with Passion, Purpose, and Potential


Beloved, writing to you this morning about Propel makes my heart swoon! Want to share an excellent conference that you can attend tomorrow in Jackson, MS all my Tennessee and Mississippi friends don’t miss this fantastic day with some world changers! PROPEL I had the privilege to attend last month along with one of my dearest friends Sara from Massachusetts who flew […]

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Halloween Decorating Staples


Y’all fall has come, and Halloween is here! Halloween is such a fun holiday, we don’t traditionally get into the scary costumes and stuff, but we do have a little fun around the house decorating and inviting our friends and neighbors over for a little Haunted Soiree before Halloween. Halloween Dress Up When the kids were small […]

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Natural Autumn Home Tour


Hey, Y’all! Ending our fall home tour this week with natural decorations from pumpkins, flowers, veggies, and fruit. Fall decorating can be natural and beautiful with green elements naturally placed. Natural Autumn Home Surrounding flowers or even fall branches, wheat, berries, foliage with fresh Fall fruit adds a sweet centerpiece to any table. Although, tradition […]

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Autumn at Home Fall Tour

Autumn Dawn Inspired

Good Morning Autumn air and leaves blowing as you walk the streets. Fall makes me giddy y’all everything from pumpkins to ghost these are the days I love the most. Sorry, I felt a little Dr. Seuss! October does that to me I can’t help but stop to get lost in her beauty. Step inside my nest for a little fall […]

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Fall Home Tour Autumn Outdoors

Autumn Home tour

HELLO, October! Fall being my favorite season it never ceases to amaze me how vivacious nature can shed all her covering of leaves and yet in the process bloom so majestically the following season. This season holds apple cider, s’more’s, crisp leaves underfoot and little goblins running for candy. What’s not to love! Getting our home in fall mode has […]

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Chandelier Envy and How to Get your own Magnificent Chandelier


There is something about walking into a beautifully designed room with the focus being every detail, yet the chandelier always takes center stage. Last week we attended our local Parade of Homes to see some beautiful homes with great lighting schemes. If you love these magnificent lights, you can find one similar here from Thomas […]

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Belong, Purpose, Calling

Belong cover

  This past weekend blessed to attend the first ever BELONG Tour in Columbus, Ohio. BELONG features some of the funniest, well-rounded, and authentic women like Jen Hatmaker, Shauna Niequist, Nichole Nordeman, Sharon Irving, Angela Davis, Patsy Clairmont chatting from the platform about life, struggle, hope, and birds! BELONG This Friday evening and Saturday event is […]

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5 Dream Office Must Haves

Dream Office

Hey, y’all! Summer is coming to a close here in Ohio. It went way too fast; I don’t know about you, but I love having my girl’s home most of the time. There are those times that I want to pull my hair out due to them bickering with one another! Let’s be honest every […]

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Thinking Design Function

Basement Bar

Summer is full bloom here in the Midwest with late evenings of s’mores, pool time and grilled dinners. I love the lazy days of summer as do our girls. McKenzie and I just returned from Italy and Greece for two weeks so excited to share this trip with you. As we return, I’m preparing for […]

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Island of Capri Travel Inspired

Jun14-27 Greece and Italy (600)

Hope you enjoyed our visit last week to San Gimignano today we will visit the Island of Capri located just off the Sorrentine Peninsula. We arrived in Capri by ferry from Sorrento where we stayed the night before at the sweetest boutique hotel Royal Hills. The owner and staff of Royal Hills were so fun walking […]

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Tuscany Design Vistas

Jun14-27 Greece and Italy (1512)

Hey Y’all!  How I have missed being here with you! The month of June has been crazy here at the nest McKenzie turned 13, can’t believe we have a teenager!  And she and I took an escapade to Europe for a couple of weeks to visit Greece and Italy. It was incredible! Although the plan was […]

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3 DIY Summer Projects At The Salvage Yard

Salvage Cover 2

Hey, Y’all! How has your summer begun? Our children are still in school for another week, but our summer dreams have started to take over. The nest has been crazy busy, or maybe I have just been crazy busy. I do love the warmer weather as do my clients, and the large projects begin soon […]

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Painted Furniture

Painted Furniture

There is something I just love about a weathered restored piece of furniture. Not, sure if it’s the way the paint looks faded from the sun or the remembrance of Louisiana days playing in the dilapidated river road plantation home next door to my grandmothers and thinking how beautiful she must have been in her […]

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Seeds of Potential


Who doesn’t love a season change? I have to adore when the seasons change my personal favorite season is fall, hence the namesake. What I love about a season change is the new growth that surrounds the new climate. Seeds for seasons our lives are continually changing seasons with  job changes, home changes, church changes, family […]

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Vintage Floral Frame

Floral Watering Can 2

Don’t you just enjoy a great easy craft? This week while staging a home for sale the homeowners had this fabulous stone wall with shelves that I wanted to accent, but I didn’t want just any chotskies.  I wanted something that would bring in a rustic element yet give a fun atmosphere of potential to space.  […]

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Spring Organizing For Your World at Home

Organizing World ADI

Well y’all spring has sprung, the sound of birds chirping and blooms of every color are colliding with longer days filled with the sunshine. Spring not only holds longer days at my house it also holds longer to do list. Dating back to ancient biblical days Spring Cleaning has been a thing, believe it or […]

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Paint Colors to Love

Paint Colors

Do you love a great paint color in the store only to get home with that perfect color and feel as if you have been duped? Choosing a paint color for your home doesn’t have to be dreaded. Here are a few color tips to help you make your walls feel harmonious. 1. Download a […]

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Easter Table Decorating

Easter Table Decorating

  Welcome, Spring! If you are anything like me, spring brings not only beautiful blooms but a desire to spruce everything up with bright colors and organization. OK so maybe not the organization, my closets throughout our home are a mess! Y’all know the kind of mess where your suitcase is still packed from a […]

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Easter Egg Decoupage

Autumn Dawn Inspired Easter Egg (14)

The nest is getting a touch of spring this week with our days now longer thank you daylight savings time and temps to make every day a great day for a stroll. Bring on spring! This week I am setting my Easter table and wanted to share a fun decoupage egg idea with you. Easy […]

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Adding Design Flair with Paint Couture!


Adding design flair and being inspired by my beautiful friend Christal owner of Flair-Finishes, Décor and Supply. Flair began with Chistal’s love of transforming old furniture. This beautiful store is home to the Paint Couture line of finishes. Paint Couture is a no sand, no prime 100% acrylic resin furniture and cabinet paint. Paint Couture […]

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Unqualified to Create

Unqualified to Create1

  The last two weeks I have actively been readjusting how I create and receive creativity. Being a creative is not always easy you constantly feel the need to create, but don’t always feel creative. Have you been here? With the need to get out of a creative rut I decided to get out into […]

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Life is Sweet Cupcake Wars


Well, it has been a very busy two weeks here at the nest! How I have missed having my morning coffee with you. Last week our youngest daughter Addison had a Cupcake Wars playdate that made my kitchen look as if a bomb went off but with so many years in Children’s Ministry you learn […]

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Drama of Space with Drapes

Autumn Dawn Inspired Drama

Wanted to give you a peek inside the beautiful home I had the privilege of designing draperies for a few weeks ago. I love drapes they are always in every design y’all have heard me say it, again and again, textiles add drama to a space.  The beautiful Palladian windows of flowing light cascading down to French […]

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Designing a Banquette


Hey, Y’all!  This week I am working on finishing the banquette we designed for our kitchen remodel. Banquette seating is a great option for any kitchen they add some visual interest that appeals to just sinking in and enjoying the company surrounded. The kitchen table for us is not only where we eat, but also […]

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5 Easy Valentine’s


 Valentine’s day, don’t you just love that the cute, chunky cupid baby is running around shooting people with love arrows, filling them with desire! Here are a few fun ideas from around the blog world to get your Valentine’s day full of desire for the ones you love!   Fruit Printable from Craftaholics Anonymous EOS Monster from Idea Room Pintable’s from […]

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IF: Gathering Inspired to be Enough


What a great weekend at the Global IF: Gathering! This Friday and Saturday I had the opportunity to attend an IF: Local Gathering LiveStream with women all over the world. Here are a few highlights that spoke to my heart. IF: Gathering was dreamed and envisioned by Jennie Allen and for the last decade God […]

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Travel Inspired

Travel Beaches Punta Cana

Every year since we had our first daughter we travel to a getaway usually somewhere tropical just to focus on us and this year celebrate fifteen years of marriage. Incredibly blessed by my sweet father-in-law who comes and cares for our girls, I know not everyone has this, but if you can get away with the one […]

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Leading and SOMETIMES Loving IT


  Have you ever had a season in your leadership journey that when you accepted the task to lead it felt as if you had done all the right things, you know the process of decisions. They requested, you expressed how honored and excited you were to be asked, and then you responded that you […]

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Modest Style Setters for a New Year

ADI Style Setters

What a great style start to the new year! Life has been busy here at the ADI nest now with the kitchen remodel complete; I am playing catch up with my fabulous clients who gave me time to begin their projects after the New Year. With a new year, we all start with audacious goals […]

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